Radical Abundance Free Challenge

5 Days to help you get moving beyond the natural "negativity bias of the mind" and orienting toward abundance, possibility and gratitude.  

Moving from lack, scarcity & effort to abundance, ease and possibility.​  

I'd like to help you create abundance Your Way!




How it works:

  •  Transform old patterns & scarcity thinking with daily videos for 5 days  
  •  Ask questions and connect in the Facebook group for extra support  
  •  There's a private website you can access to watch the videos again & again

Did you grow up believing the lies of lack & scarcity? Were you taught you had to work really hard for money and success?  

Would you like to change that?  

When you let go of the lies of scarcity, life changes in ways that seem almost magical.

Abundance is so fun to be around!

Are you tired of saying NO? Start saying YES to:

  • That dream vacation
  • A nurturing day at the spa
  • That retreat or class
  • That shopping spree
  • Luxury and elegance
  • That amazing home
  • Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity

About your guide

Kathy is an author, the creator of Radical Abundance. She loves to facilitate people into more abundance in every area of their live. She supports clients 1:1 on every continent across the globe, through in person classes & webinars. She is the creator of the bestselling book, "Relationships Done Easy." She is also the co-author of the bestsellers, "I'm Having It", and "Possibilities in Parenting". 

Kathy Williams

Kathy Williams

Creator, Innovator and Magic Maker